Frequently Asked Questions

4 degrees Celsius is the best temperature of nice taste water. Well, it is good to preserve it in a fridge. However it would be nice to drink it in a day. If the alkaline water is preserved in a covered pot in a fridge, it could last long for three days to drink.

If the product is not going to be used for months or so, please take the plug off and separate the filter from the main body of the product. The filter needs to be protected in a sealed plastic bag in a fridge. The main body product should be covered in a clean bag without any wet or dusty condition. When you use the product back again, please place the filter back into the product and let the water out from the water hose/nozzle of the product for 3 minutes in order to drink clean and nice alkaline water.

Yes, it can be. There would be extra components or filters needed depending on water quality and circumstances. Please contact Medilight Support Center

Filters lasts for 10000 litres

Alkalaine faqs

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