Goals & Missions

Goals & Missions

Our concept is to protect health of mankind from pollution

The Healthy person and diseased person living in same atmosphere but why one become diseased and other not?

The reason is pollution, may be the diseased person exposed more to pollution the Healthy person exposed less but very soon the Healthy person also get diseased because they both are staying in same atmosphere and living in same area taking vegetables etc from same area etc. but the Healthy person has some healthy life style or has exposed to less This

Automobiles and Industrial gases

Automobiles and Industrial gases

Water pollution

Water contamination by drainage system and industrial waste water accumulation ground water.

food pollution

Pesticides and fertilizers.

Because of pollution our body is facing three main stresses

acidity in stomach

increased acidity in stomach and other organs leading to acidosis leading to chronic diseases.

W>Free radical induced chronic diseases

Free radical induced chronic diseases.

pollution chlorine heavy metal poising

lead chromium from air pollution chlorine heavy metal poising etc from water pollution and Organo phosphorus poising from pesticides and fertilizers etc....

The solution for this pollution our H Rich Alkaline Water lonizer its gives hydrogen rich alkaline, antioxidant mineral water

The Detoxification nature of our water due to microclustering nature and rich hydrogen takes care of Toxin stress and our superoxide water will remove the pesticide toxins from vegetables and fruits. These three stresses leading to the Diseases like Diabetes, High BP, High cholesterol, Liver Diseases, Kidney diseased, Arthritis and even the dreadful Diseases like cancer. So we can protect the health of mankind from the pollution by taking the Healthy hydrogen rich alkaline water.

Now our MEDILIGHT Healthcare main goal n mission is to aware the people about healthy water by introducing ALKALINE HRICH WATER IONIZERS.

Since 10 years there is a lot of research is going on around the hydrogen gas, it supports scientific evidence that hydrogen as a potential solution to get rid of many human diseases

Medilight pvt ltd., has decided to incorporate itself to promote a device which particularly focus on infusion of more molecular hydrogen gas in water.

However, there are products called Alkaline Hrich water ionizers that alkalinize the water during electrolysis. It is a chemical process that separates water into more acidic or alkaline molecules. Alkaline water and water ionizers

With our strong motives towards the concept of “Health for all”, for the easy reach of our health promotion activities to the people in need, Medilight Private Limited originated on December 2016.

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